September in DoxyChain

4 min readOct 6, 2021

Many great things have happened and today, at the beginning of October, I would like to share some updates on how we are doing at DoxyChain.

🚀 Summer SaaS 2021. It was a great event to start such an intensive month as October. The event was hosted by Flashpoint, the best Europe-oriented VCs joined. DoxyChain was invited to present its solution within the ‘New Economy’ category. We have secured second place losing the finals with a single vote.
P.S. as far as I remember, we were the only polish startup invited to Summer SaaS 2021;-)

🔥 In the following days, our CTO Piotr and I took a train and went to meet a big potential customer from the northern region of Poland. Today we can announce that we have successfully closed this deal. It showcases how important the security of documents in the top firms is. If you are interested in this particular use case, take part in our upcoming webinar. Among others, the above-mentioned company’s representative is invited to talk about their experience. Join and learn more about how to secure your digital documents.

🧠 ️️In the third week of September, I was in Amsterdam. Money 2020 was the first conference I could participate in person in two years. People clearly missed f2f talks, conversations I had were so energetic, sincere, and insightful. Great experience, for both personal and business reasons. For two years, I have been more focused on the daily operations rather than some vision-driven space on DoxyChain’s future and blockchain general. For me it was a great refreshment, seeing that the world is still so lusted for blockchain, that it is seeking for the mature blockchain adaptation, that along with the JPMorgan and other well-established banks stands I saw crypto-exchange, KYC/AML blockchain companies. It is happening, and despite huge hype about crypto, blockchain is entering our daily business lives even on a greater scale.
I remember sending an SMS to the rest of DoxyChain co-founders saying: “Guys, what we are doing now, is exactly what the IT specialist who building the whole blockchain infrastructure for JP Morgan has in blockchain and space”. I needed that boost of power… In Poland, we are often punched for implementing the blockchain to ‘this well-established DMS space’… But knowing what DoxyChain can do, I am saying, give me and yourself some time, then you will understand.
The fun fact is that we don’t have time to catch up with Authologic in Poland so we did it in Amsterdam haha, best guys!

🎂 September is also the month when DoxyChain was founded, that’s why we had a great opportunity to meet all together for an anniversary dinner. All together means investors, the company’s closest friends, and our Team members. 20 people altogether, who have one main goal, make our startup successful and bring impact. Believe me, or not but saying ‘thank you to my team was so emotional, that I was probably more scared about this than any other public speech.

I am so grateful that around our team we have such committed and experienced people who do so much to help DoxyChain deliver great things.

🎂 Happy Birthday, Doxy!🎂

P.S. I will definitely summarize 2021 in more detail in the upcoming months, as new talents keep joining DoxyChain and new lessons are being learned. Stay tuned for a dedicated 2021 summary post.

🇵🇱 Fintech & InsurTech Digital Congress

On the 29th of September, I was pitching at Fintech Digital Congress. I started my speech with: “I had a dream, I had a dream of participating in this event, then, 2 years ago, yet as a Warsaw Stock Exchange employee. I dreamt to build innovative solutions for companies that are aware of the importance of digitization and security. After two years, I have a solution for you, for the most demanding and aware ones, a solution which redefines your documents management practice”.

It was a great day as well. Finally, I saw that those companies have enough vision to notice how DoxyChain can revolutionize their business. We have also received several good leads to join our blockchain infrastructure.

☝🏻 September is also the 4th month since we officially launched the DoxyChain platform. The goal of the upcoming months is quite straightforward — building strong MRR for the DoxyChain platform.

But more important is the fact that we are still learning, we are still exploring where DoxyChain can bring the most significant benefits. We have received several different inquiries from the biggest players in the CEE market. The use-cases extend from traditional DMS, through smart-contracts-based automation to joining DoxyChain blockchain infrastructure.

One thing is sure, a very intensive time is in front of us, where we will have to discover our exact sweet spots in terms of product-market fit. Then we will be ready to open up for the VC round and leverage the momentum.

DoxyChain is quite a young team, surrounded by like-minded experienced people: Adam Rudowski, Jacek Bajorek, and Wojciech Sroka. We will do our best to build the first international blockchain company from Poland.

Stay tuned!🖐🏻




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