DOXYCHAIN. Setting new-generation standards for digital documents management.

Why DoxyChain?

The mission of DoxyChain is to create new European standards for document management. Powered by its own blockchain, DoxyChain is an innovation that combines electronic signature, workflows optimisation and enhanced security which means it is the very first user-oriented holistic digital solution. The platform addresses the needs of both individual clients and SMEs in the SaaS (software as a service) model, as well as larger corporations through dedicated solutions.

DoxyChain Co-founders.
DoxyChain Mobile App

How does it work?

Simply upload your document to the platform, choose the signature type and grant the relevant powers to your team members — Editor, Viewer, Auditor. You can track the performance of requested actions in the history of the document. Documents are managed within the blockchain secured space. It is a technology that guarantees document immutability, making your database the only true source of information. Blocks in the chain form a system that prevents any unauthorized changes. Your data are updated incrementally, with the history of all modifications saved at every stage. Documents are stored in a secure cloud which makes them virtually unalterable and digitally ageless. The platform is intuitive and it saves time — documents can be managed simultaneously by multiple users, also via mobile devices.

Main DoxyChain account dashboard
DoxyChain core team

We democratise blockchain for You! Join us in this adventure!



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A solution for documents #digitisation and management backed by #blockchain technology and electronic #signatures.