DOXYCHAIN. Setting new-generation standards for digital documents management.

“We are delighted to be supporting DoxyChain on their journey to scale via Oracle’s startup program. DoxyChain has everything that it takes for a startup to be successful- a passionate team and an innovative solution, that are now supported by expert Oracle mentorship and introductions to our global network of Enterprise customers. Oracle for Startups works with thousands of startups across the globe and the CEE region represents only about 3% of startups in the program, but it’s one of the fastest-growing, with DoxyChain leading the way. We are thrilled to have this amazing Polish startup story to share with you and we know that 2021 is going to be an exciting year for DoxyChain“ - says Roman Biller, Vice President, CEE Technology Sales, Oracle.

Why DoxyChain?

DoxyChain Co-founders.

“With DoxyChain, users can create, upload, send, sign and track all documents online, from any device. Its intuitive interface, application responsiveness and architecture will significantly enhance control over the document lifecycle while optimizing everyday operations in the modern digital world. We offer something different than the competition — workflows that facilitate process management and save time through business automation” - says Marcin Lorenc, lawyer and co-founder of DoxyChain.

DoxyChain Mobile App

How does it work?

Main DoxyChain account dashboard

“We believe that such an important process as document management must be supported by a maximum security technology. A technology that will guard all the digital data, guaranteeing their immutability” - says Gabriel Dymowski, CEO DoxyChain.

“The DoxyChain system has been developed in compliance with EU legal standards, which allows us to effectively scale the product across the European Union. In December 2020, we ranked second in the German Blockchain Award by BLOCKROCKET, a competition for the best blockchain-related early-stage startups. This achievement has already attracted financing proposals from international funds”- says Marcin Lorenc.

DoxyChain core team



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